Apr 19/18
By Joe Ross

Inspiration through visitation

Even the most courageous marketer trembles at the deafening passage of time, as fickle stakeholders and stifling indecision chip away at the certainty of completion. Where can one turn for inspiration? The answer is at your fingertips.

Deadlines graphic design project

The concept

This past fall, the Traina team was haunted by the spirits of the looming Halloween season, summoning us to create a custom designed Ouija board. But, this was not your grandmother’s Ouija board. This was to be used as a self-promotional tool, themed and designed to guide marketers through their trickiest projects – never missing a deadline. And “abracadabra” – the Deadlines inspiration board was born.




Project overview

The scope of this project was not for the faint of heart, proving to be one of our more complicated and involved self-promotional undertakings thus far. We sourced materials from multiple vendors around the globe, explored different production techniques from 3D printing to laser cutting, and finally landed on our final piece.

The project features custom hand-drawn illustrations and filigree, nuanced typography and a playfully dark depiction of common marketing/design themes. Amongst the devilish curling wisps and geometric shapes throughout the board, lie carefully placed industry-related elements such as print registration marks, exacto blades, email icons, “idea” light bulbs, and CMYK/RGB encasements.




Get yours today!

Our hope was to conjure up some inspirational fun while creating a memorable and unique promotional piece. Summon your own creative spirits today; purchase a copy of the Deadlines board here.

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