May 09/18
By Jes Lawrence

The Dev Dream Team

With one of the leading cybersecurity events in the world taking place in April, it was a crazy month for Traina and our Microsoft Security clients. Luckily – our “Dev Dream Team” was up to the task of building and launching this microsite, this infographic and a killer Surface Hub demo.

How did they do it? With many years of combined experience, mucho programming know-how and ninja skills. Want to learn more about the dynamic duo that’s been an awesome addition to our growing digital department at Traina?

Meet Brian:
Born in New York and raised in California, Brian is a hybrid web developer with a sharp eye for design and a passion for good food and good weather. If he’s not lost in the matrix, you can find him eating pizza, riding his motorcycle through the canyons, training his blue nose Pitbull, or some combination of the three.

Brian’s professional passion is transforming beautiful mock-ups into fully functional websites and applications. He brings more than a decade of experience working as a web developer for clients including Facebook, Microsoft, Pixar, and Qualcomm.

Meet Jason:
After earning his degree in Graphic Design at San Diego State University, Jason fell in love with the digital medium and rigorously pursued a career in web development so that he could bring design to life on the web (we happily scooped him up!) In his downtime, Jason plays guitar on his trusty telecaster like his idols Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino. He also enjoys hanging with his girlfriend and their French bulldog, playing video games and drinking good beer.

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