Apr 20/20
By Joe Ross

Stay gold

MelloGold Cannabis is an emerging whole plant cannabis brand based in Tulsa Oklahoma. Their responsibly cultivated products preserve the entire flower, which they stand behind as providing the best experience and medicinal relief for their customers.

Project overview

The branding project scope featured several touch points for exploration including logo design and secondary logo marks, pre-roll tin packaging, standing pouches, a retro style roll pouch, and a promotional rolling paper booklet.

The brand

The MelloGold logo balances a vintage western inspired aesthetic with modern touches and includes a hand-drawn flower and custom flourishes. The logo system features both a stacked and horizontal option for fluidity to transfer across different packaging applications as well as a suite of secondary typographic lockups and a monogram. This logo and typographic system set the foundation to build each packaging piece with, coupled with a retro sun-faded color palette to denote each cannabis type.

The packaging

MelloGold’s packaging uses a cohesive system of a matte black background and large heroic logo front and center. The metallic gold pops of color offer a contemporary and elegant touch on top of the contrasting dark base. Their mission statement proudly centered on the back of the packages reads “We believe in bringing you the best that cannabis has to offer. By preserving the entire flower, we cultivate a responsibly grown plant that is well-balanced in terpenes and cannabinoids. Simple, clean and ready to roll.”

Oklahoma local? Grab a bag today!

MelloGold has recently launched in the Tulsa area and we have high hopes that their brand will soon become a gold standard in their market. We couldn’t be happier with the final result and are excited to continue to collaborate with their team.

Lifestyle photography provided by the talented Henry Ninde.

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