May 04/17

Grindstone or die

In the mid 1970’s Southern California was hit with a serious drought that led to hot days, brown grass, dried up water hoses and drained pools. The streets were no longer flooded with kids running through ...

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Apr 28/17

Everything I know about leading a design team, I learned from coaching

I’ve always loved sports. I grew up playing football, basketball, ran track, and played college volleyball. After college, I got into coaching at the high school level and even ran my own club teams for a ...

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Mar 10/17


Each day, billions of people all across the globe are constantly communicating, interacting, and sharing. About 2.3 billion of them are doing it via social media. ... ...

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Jan 27/17

The importance of color

At the heart of a great image are composition and story. Once the image is taken, and the moment has passed — what's the next step? For me personally, it's always color. Color is one of the ...

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Apr 13/16

A new brand emerges

The past couple of months have been an exciting time for the Traina team. We merged with another design firm, moved into a larger space, launched a new website, and acquired some exciting new clients like ...

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Dec 21/15

Happy Holidays from your designated designers

It's that time of year again! Our tradition of over-the-top holiday mailers continues this year with Salud!—a collection of seven lovingly hand-crafted letterpress coasters. Each coaster features a custom illustration inspired by our favorite drinks, like ...

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Oct 07/15

Introducing Grindstone

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you may have seen or heard about Grindstone. On the last Friday of each month, the Traina Crew takes a break from client projects, puts their ...

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Jul 31/15

Our first summer intern

Traina Design recently launched our new internship program and had the pleasure of working with University of Texas at Austin student, Emily Rosenbaum. Emily is heading into her senior year as an advertising major ...

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Jun 17/15

The surf factor

When you think of Southern California, you think of surfing. The laid-back vibe, the lingo, the sandals—who doesn’t want to be a part of it? So it’s no surprise that surfing culture has found its way ...

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Oct 14/14

Design Books that Inspire

If you are lucky, at some point during your professional career you will come across an inspiring book that leaves an especially long-lasting impression on your work and quite possibly your life. This book may come ...

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