Aug 10/17

Dear Kerri

Dear Kerri: The print quality of our company brochure is embarrassing. I’m not sure if it’s the printer, our files, the paper, or other details I’ve overlooked. What tips can you share about managing the printing ...

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Jun 08/17

Astropad Studio

As a graphic designer who loves to draw, I’ve always wanted the ability to run Adobe Photoshop right on my digital tablet. I’ve always found the idea of sketching into a Photoshop document very fascinating and ...

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Sep 24/15

5 keys for a successful magazine design

Our team recently had the exciting opportunity to completely rebrand and redesign UC San Diego's alumni magazine, Triton. We set out with the goal of creating a publication that would stand out from ordinary alumni magazines ...

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Feb 19/15

Announcing our 2015 pro bono partner

Traina Design is excited to announce our partnership with the local non-profit organization, Outdoor Outreach. When we learned about Outdoor Outreach’s amazing commitment to San Diego’s youth and the benefits our ...

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Nov 26/14

Traina Design – Giving back to San Diego

Our Traina Design team would like to kick off the New Year with a pro bono partnership that acknowledges and gives back to a non-profit organization within our San Diego community. Is your 501(c)(3) in need ...

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Nov 14/14

Welcome distractions.

I recently read a research article on the benefits of routine interruption in your workday. The premise is simple—you take your mind off the task at hand and the solution will often find its ...

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Oct 02/14

Client Spotlight: Sequenta

To coincide with the launch of the new, more consumer-focused website for, Sequenta took the opportunity to spread the word about the importance of their improved cancer detection technology. This digital ...

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Sep 16/14

Job Hunting Tips for Entry Level Designers

I recently successfully filled a junior position here at Traina Design, and I came away from the interviewing experience with a few tips I’d like share with designers who are in search for the perfect (or ...

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Aug 27/14

Hot Off the Press

Every year we are reminded of the incredible research that’s ongoing at UC San Diego Health Sciences. This reminder comes from the opportunity to design their annual publication, Discoveries, that highlights Health Sciences’ innovative work in ...

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Aug 11/14

Take-Home Lessons From The Brand Gap

I recently perused our Traina Design library, which is filled with marketing and design materials, and ran across an office favorite, The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier. This quick read packs a punch with its content ...

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