Live better longer

Some 20 years young, the Buck Institute for Research on Aging is the world’s first biomedical research institution devoted solely to research on aging. A true pioneer and a global leader in the field, their mission is to end the threat of age-related disease for today’s and future generations.

There’s serious science happening inside the walls of their campus, an I.M. Pei design. But this cutting-edge thinking and technology were not reflected in their current web experience. While many things get better with age, websites do not. It was time to create a new, modern site to position the Buck as the thought leader in the aging space and as the foremost experts in the biology of aging.

Where cutting-edge creativity
and technology intersect

We may not be scientists, but we do have our own proven method—for building a website:

  1. Ask a question: To start, we worked with the Buck to craft a robust creative brief outlining the site objectives, criteria for success, target audiences, and technical requirements.
  2. Do background research: With the details outlined in the creative brief, we dug into the analytics of the existing site to understand common user flows and create an updated sitemap and wireframes to guide our design work.
  3. Construct a creative hypothesis: We determined what photography style, layout, color palette, animations, messaging, etc. would best reflect the smart, energetic, collaborative brand personality.
  4. Test with experiment: We iterated on the site designs with contributions and feedback from many Buck stakeholders—ranging from marketing and communications leadership to their CEO, scientists, and faculty.

The final step: analyzing
and reporting results

We set out to create a site that would clearly articulate the institute’s mission and science-focused vision. Our goal was to generate enthusiasm in the community, and position the Buck as a thought leader. The end result was a modern site designed to help various audiences quickly and easily access information and take action. And, like any good scientist (and creative), we’ll continue to analyze and optimize so the Buck site can live better longer.

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