Experience matters

You may not have heard of Hermosillo. But there’s a good chance that the car you drive, the dishwasher in your kitchen, or the beverage in your hand were made in a structure that they built. That’s because Hermosillo is the largest general contractor in Mexico, and one of the largest in North America. When GM, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Whirlpool and hundreds of other international companies need to build in Mexico, they call Hermosillo. But the leadership team realized that, beneath this stellar track record, a serious problem brewed. Their ability to thrive on the international stage was threatened by a dated brand that failed to engender trust with those unfamiliar with their work. So when Hermosillo recognized the need to rebuild their brand, they called Traina.

Primary mark

Color palette


Building a better brand

Our engagement with Hermosillo occurred in three main phases, over the course of a year. The first phase was a period of research and discovery that included interviews with past and prospective clients, partners, and employees. It also included a thorough review of the competitive landscape, both in the Americas and abroad.

The second phase focused on strategy and creation. Leveraging the insights gathered during phase one, we developed a unique brand positioning strategy for Hermosillo—one that would differentiate the firm and emphasize its strengths. A comprehensive messaging framework was drafted, encapsulated by the tagline “Experience Matters”. Both the messaging and tagline were market tested with key audiences to ensure they authentically communicated the Hermosillo difference. That strategic direction informed the development of a bold visual identity that conveys the 50-year-old firm’s commitment to people, design and innovation. A digital style guide was designed, developed and launched—a living reference to the new brand.

A site that’s built to last

With the brand blueprint established, and the design elements in hand, we were ready for the third phase of the project—application and launch. This phase included the usual suspects—stationery, collateral, signage, etc.—but none came close to the scope of Hermosillo’s website. As a showcase of the company’s breadth of services and of its vast portfolio of international clients and projects, the site had to be extraordinary. The result is a dynamic, modern user experience that features over 100 case studies. The site was built in WordPress, giving the client’s in-house communications team the ability to add projects, news articles and other content with ease. We’re currently in the process of translating the site into Spanish and Japanese.

Additional case studies