Mellogold Cannabis

Stay gold.

MelloGold Cannabis is an emerging whole plant cannabis brand based in Tulsa Oklahoma. Their brand ethos centers around authenticity and a dedication to producing clean, responsibly cultivated, and terpene rich small batch cannabis. Simply put, they strive for originality and honesty. They partnered with Traina to roll out a fresh identity and suite of packaging.

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Western roots

The MelloGold identity remains true to their Tulsa roots with a vintage western-inspired aesthetic with modern touches, including a hand-drawn flower and custom flourishes in the logo. The logo system includes both a stacked and horizontal option for fluidity to transfer across a variety of different packaging applications, including a pre-roll tin, standing pouches, roll pouches and a promotional rolling paper booklet. 

“It was a big deal to have a mentor
that guided us through the process.
Their team stayed on top of their tasks,
so we didn’t need to push them.”

A budding

MelloGold has recently launched in the Tulsa area and we have high hopes that their brand will soon become a gold standard in their market. We couldn’t be happier with the end result and are excited to continue to collaborate with their team.

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