Quantum Si

next frontier

DNA sequencing has provided researchers access to seemingly limitless data with the potential to provide deeper understanding of human biology. But while DNA can reveal the possibilities, it’s protein that tells us what our bodies will actually do. Quantum Si developed a first-of-its-kind, next-generation protein sequencer to help researchers understand what could happen, what is happening and ultimately why it is happening.

To launch their flagship product, Traina developed a modern and flexible brand that embodied this advanced technology and the diverse cellular data it reveals.

Primary mark

Pattern application

Icon and illustration system

Delivering the new brand

Clear articulation of Quantum SI’s unique opportunity within the sequencing landscape was critical to converting potential investors. So, we led Quantum stakeholders through our robust positioning process, establishing the brand’s core messaging strategy. A highly technical visual style, aligned to the brand personality identified in the positioning process, was developed. Creation of key tactical assets followed, including a teaser video, packaging, splash page and collateral.

Curtain warmer video

Splash page

Investor deck template with custom illustrations


Additional case studies