Salk Institute

Elevating exceptional work at Salk

Salk Institute is an esteemed research center where some of the world’s leading scientists generate groundbreaking life science discoveries. As their marketing needs accelerated, the in-house team at Salk was forced to focus on the daily design execution instead of the long-term, high-profile projects that would carry the brand. To help solve this problem, and elevate the brand, the Salk team engaged Traina to tackle key marketing vehicles. 

Services provided:

  • Web/Digital
  • Infographics
  • Illustration
  • Collateral

A digital facelift

As the most visible touch point of the Salk brand, the homepage was a major focus of our effort. Through an audit of the existing site’s analytics, we identified key gaps and opportunities to improve the user experience. With those insights in hand, we set out to create a new homepage that showcases Salk’s latest research, breaking news, and upcoming events in a modern user interface. To ensure alignment, the new visual style was also applied to secondary page templates and across other areas of the site.



Building internal buy-in with effective brand tools

One of the keys to building a successful brand is nurturing internal excitement and adoption. To help encourage brand adoption within Salk, we created a series of web templates that allow individual researchers to build their own lab-specific microsites. Each template is designed for ease-of-use, aligns with brand standards, and flows seamlessly from Salk’s parent website. They also serve as a visual guide for Salk’s in-house creative team, enabling them to apply the design elements across other digital assets.






From a print publication to an online experience

Our effort to elevate the Salk brand stretched across both digital and print media. The Institute’s flagship print publication, InsideSalk, was in need of a contemporary facelift. So we redesigned the publication from cover to cover, introducing bright new colors, vibrant imagery, and custom illustrations that brought new life and energy to the magazine. That visual language was also applied to the digital edition of InsideSalk, which provides additional detail and insights in a rich, online experience.







The Result

The opportunity to collaborate with an esteemed research institute like Salk, and the visionary people that manage its communications, has been a delight for our agency. Together we’ve updated their website, created an array of digital assets, redesigned a quarterly research publication that look like it belongs on the shelf alongside Wired, and produced many other tactics that have forever strengthened the Salk brand.

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