Honest energy

Solar installation is complex and can be a huge financial investment. Customers looking for solar are often met with confusion when faced with the vast amount of information and details, making selecting a solar installer challenging. So when Sunline came to us with a great reputation but a need to grow their customer base, we knew we needed to elevate their visual perception and create a unique, approachable brand with straightforward messaging.

Primary mark

Color palette


Building a new solar brand

First, we dove into the heart and soul of the company and created a clear and succinct structure that delivered messaging in a friendly but authoritative way. Then we crafted a memorable visual identity that introduced vibrant colors and rich, aspirational photography.

Finally we dug into the Sunline website, which underwent a complete overhaul. We reorganized the site structure, navigation, content hierarchy and messaging. We also implemented a simplified new template that was flexible and easy to update.

A brand worthy of its reputation

The result is a polished brand identity system, aligned with their five-star reputation, now expressed across a fresh website and marketing materials. The branding effort has repositioned Sunline as an experienced solar company with succinct messaging, a modern visual identity, and established them as the go-to solar installer in Southern California.

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