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We’re a dedicated team of creators, thinkers, innovators and producers who share a common passion for great design. Together we create extraordinary brand experiences that help companies establish their voice and have some fun while doing it.


Aiming for

Our clients bring the world towards the brightest possible future. Some are brand new startups. Some are brands that started before we were born. Handling heritage or launching innovators, Traina thrives in partnerships that provide meaningful change.

Hewlett Packard
Taylor Guitars
UC San Diego
Brooklyn Brewery
10x Genomics
Stater Bros.
Ballast Point
PR Bar
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Our team
is your team

We are an expert group of diverse minds who bring together strategy, insight, and creative passion to design the best experience for your brand.

  • David Traina

    Chief Executive Officer

    David Traina, Chief Executive Officer
  • Kristi Jones

    Director of Account Services

    Kristi Jones, Director of Account Services
  • Mark Gallo

    Chief Creative Officer

    Mark Gallo, Chief Creative Officer
  • Danielle Higgins

    Marketing Director

    Danielle Higgins, Marketing Director
  • Matt Bachmann

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Matt Bachmann, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Brandy Maciejewski


    Brandy Maciejewski, Controller
  • Andrew Walpole

    Director of Web Development

    Andrew Walpole, Director of Web Development
  • Joe Ross

    Associate Creative Director

    Joe Ross, Associate Creative Director
  • Erwin Hines

    Creative Director

    Erwin Hines, Creative Director
  • Alex Riviere

    Senior Front-End Developer

    Alex Riviere, Senior Front-End Developer
  • Kat Turgeon

    Senior Creative Producer

    Kat Turgeon, Senior Creative Producer
  • Carlo Palazzolo

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Carlo Palazzolo, Senior Graphic Designer
  • Kristina Shigaeva

    Senior Account Manager

    Kristina Shigaeva, Senior Account Manager
  • Chris Hylton

    Sr. Designer/VFX Art Director

    Chris Hylton, Sr. Designer/VFX Art Director
  • Christine Trezise

    Senior Account Manager

    Christine Trezise, Senior Account Manager
  • Cory Dobson

    Senior Front-End Developer

    Cory Dobson, Senior Front-End Developer
  • Jeselyn Lawrence

    Senior Account Manager

    Jeselyn Lawrence, Senior Account Manager
  • Ed Garcia

    Associate Creative Director

    Ed Garcia, Associate Creative Director
  • Jarrett Haley


    Jarrett Haley, Copywriter
  • Jessie Brown

    Graphic Designer

    Jessie Brown, Graphic Designer
  • John Dang

    QA Engineer/Front-End Developer

    John Dang, QA Engineer/Front-End Developer
  • Sandra Rivera

    Senior Brand Strategist

    Sandra Rivera, Senior Brand Strategist
  • John Laird

    Design Director

    John Laird, Design Director
  • Sam Halper

    Senior Account Manager

    Sam Halper, Senior Account Manager
  • Joseph Gunnon

    Senior Designer

    Joseph Gunnon, Senior Designer
  • Kerri Benecke

    Senior Account Manager

    Kerri Benecke, Senior Account Manager
  • Vinny Moreira

    Front-End Developer

    Vinny Moreira, Front-End Developer
  • Lidia Santoyan

    Visual Designer

    Lidia Santoyan, Visual Designer
  • Mark DeRose

    Associate Creative Director

    Mark DeRose, Associate Creative Director
  • Megan Kapalla

    Senior Brand Strategist

    Megan Kapalla, Senior Brand Strategist
  • Ian Monteyro

    Senior Production Designer

    Ian Monteyro, Senior Production Designer

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