Curious by design.

We are Traina, a San Diego-based, independent branding agency that has been helping ambitious brands connect with audiences for over 15 years. We create brand identities and experiences that move hearts and minds just as much as they move business and the bottom line. Our work moves both companies and culture forward, for the better.


A true creative partner, we bring perspective, insight, enthusiasm and energy to our clients through services that fully realize a brand’s potential.


Since 2006, Traina has been forging partnerships with global corporations, innovative startups, and brands of all sizes and varieties.

Agency leadership

Traina is made up of incredibly creative people curated from all across the country. Together we bring insatiable curiosity, high standards and relentless passion to our work so that brands can truly connect and move people.

Portrait of David Traina
David Traina

Founder + CEO

Portrait of Mark Gallo
Mark Gallo

Chief Creative Officer

Portrait of Matt Bachmann
Matt Bachmann

Chief Strategy Officer

Portrait of Kristi Jones
Kristi Jones

Director of Account Services

Portrait of Joe Ross
Joe Ross

Creative Director

Portrait of Brandy Maciejewski
Brandy Maciejewski

Chief People Officer

Let’s move things forward.