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Activation is a brand’s exercise—keeping it vibrant and nimble, generating energy, strength and endurance. It also gets your brand out there, inspiring the people your business relies on for health and growth.

And just like exercise, a brand needs new moves to stay engaging and make progress. We find new ways to express your brand across print, digital and experiential media, from global campaigns to a well-placed pop-up. Our activations inspire internal audiences, drive external awareness and make deep, meaningful connections between brand and community.

A more strategic approach to brand activation

As a leading brand activation agency, our work is designed to express the culture, spirit and aspirations of our clients. We see every touchpoint as an opportunity for connection and engagement with your target audience.

Our innovative process begins by setting clear objectives and KPIs, then creating customized brand experiences intended to deliver measurable results based on those specific goals.

Brands that move push boundaries and redefine norms. We help our clients navigate dynamic landscapes and take smart risks that lead to impact and growth. Whether its increasing brand awareness or improving customer loyalty, our memorable activations blend targeted, impactful strategies with flawless creation execution to move hearts, minds and the bottom line.

Experiential brand activations that move business

In a complicated world, reaching new customers isn’t easy. To capture attention, your brand must strike a chord that others can’t. We design bespoke brand activations intended to move people to action—by moving them through emotion. Engaging, experiential moments they don’t want to forget. Powerful experiences that inspire affinity for your brand.

As a top branding agency in California, Traina works with brands across industries and across the globe to create memorable, experiential campaigns that drive engagement, amplify sales and increase market share. And just like exercise—your brand’s performance will continue to strengthen, building on its own success.

Our brand activation services include:

Marketing campaigns

Campaign messaging

Creative services

Employer branding

Tradeshow & event design

Packaging design

Publication design

Photography & video

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