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At Traina, we understand the pivotal role that a smart, modern brand plays in driving business success. We believe every brand has a powerful story to tell and a future to claim. We’ll lead your team through a strategic, customized branding process to get there.

Setting the foundation with brand strategy

Our approach to brand strategy includes crystallizing your company’s core ideology, creating a distinctive brand position, and defining an aligned personality for your brand. Traina guides your team through a phased brand strategy process of assessment, research, and collaborative brand strategy formulation sessions—with only a moderate time investment required from your stakeholders. With a motivating north star and a uniquely differentiated positioning strategy identified, your brand is prepared to stand up and stand out within the competitive landscape. Your final brand strategy platform serves as a future-proofed foundation intended to capture the hearts and minds of both internal and external audiences. 

Extending strategy to a distinctive brand identity

At Traina, we don’t just stop at the theory; we translate it into a dynamic, visual and verbal identity that elevates your brand in the marketplace. 

Traina’s brand identity process begins with an informed discovery phase culminating in a collaborative mood board working session. Your team’s input then fuels Traina’s creative ideation phase as we explore a wide variety of visually compelling solutions that are strategically and aesthetically aligned to your brand. Our comprehensive brand identity systems define your brand’s logo, colors, fonts, photography style, iconography, and other brand elements—applied across a variety of marketing applications. 

In concert with brand identity development, Traina develops your verbal identity—a messaging framework that ensures the consistency and accuracy of all future written communications. From brand story to support messages to writing guidelines, the messaging framework is a critical complement to your new brand identity.

Infusing your brand with strategy and creativity

Tap the experience of Traina for a brand strategy and brand identity designed to transform the trajectory of your business. Connect with us today to discuss how our proven process can be tailored to meet the unique challenges of your brand, business, and industry. 


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