Elevating a brand to break through stereotypes

Strategy and ideology shape a digital experience for a different kind of builder.



Construction comes with a host of associations: namely delays and headaches. But a refined brand can defy that impression and put a company’s character front and center.


Align Builders specializes in technical construction—precision projects for healthcare, higher ed, science and tech. Their brand had to show high-caliber clients how they do it differently. 


We elevated Align’s brand experience with clear strategy, messaging and design, and brought it all to life with a digital experience like no other builder.


Start with a strong foundation

Align’s goal was to redefine what clients should expect from a builder: 100% alignment at the outset, transparency throughout the job, and client involvement from start to finish. These qualities became cornerstones for messaging that inspires confidence and conveys what the client will experience: more clarity, greater insight, and less chaos—the Align Way.

Be your difference

Such qualities are the heart of a web experience showcasing their expertise and client-first ethos. A flexible grid system keeps laser focus on alignment and balance, while moving elements convey a page being built in real-time to exacting specifications. It’s a digital experience worthy of Align’s tagline, Building Together.

Sweat the small stuff

Align’s refined logo is complemented by a profound shift in color palette—from safety orange to sophisticated gold, evoking a brand that is less work-in-progress and more finished product. Serif fonts and large typographic features also serve as a visual cue that their approach and experience is informed by thoughtful design.


Built for building

Align’s new brand has resonated throughout the company. “Everyone seems to connect with our new look and voice,” says Align’s marketing director, Melissa Weinberger. “Our employees are proud to share the website and excited to feel the positive effects of leveling up our external presence.”

Let’s move things forward.