A learning experience for a hybrid world

Degreed sets the stage for in-person and virtual events.

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In a world gone hybrid, the better a virtual experience, the higher the bar for real-life offerings. And vice-versa—that’s the rub. The entire event game has to rise.


Degreed is the premier workforce learning platform used by Fortune 500 companies across the globe. With the post-pandemic return of its LENS Conference, corporate leaders were eager to see what a hybrid event would look like.


Our physical and digital assets made for a world-class conference no matter the medium—a learning experience not just for attendees, but any company hoping to bridge the in-person and virtual experiences.


Place matters, even online

The event was held in Los Angeles, so it was imperative that virtual attendees got an equal feel for the city. Our art-deco visuals of L.A. monuments made perfect use of Degreed’s brand color palette, and animation brought the art to life online, putting the SoCal scenery front and center in the virtual conference experience.

Remote access raises in-person stakes

No in-person attendee should ever wonder, Why did I come all the way out here, when I could be on my couch? We made that answer obvious from the first impression and throughout the conference experience, with multiple physical installations to amplify the event’s scale.


The medium is the message

Physical events engage physically—virtual, virtually. If it sounds simple, it is. But not so simple as using the same tactics in both spaces. Both experiences may use the same keynotes and breakout sessions, but all around those elements are unique opportunities to connect, inspire and move people. 

In real life, we used elements like real palms integrated into the stage design and a live muralist to add dynamism to the atmosphere. Virtually, in between live-streamed speakers and sessions attendees participated in gamified surveys and feedback questions to earn branded items.


Everything you touch turns to goals

Degreed’s hybrid event doubled the conference’s pre-pandemic numbers, with a marked surge in virtual attendance. Such success bodes well for conferences as the world returns to real life, and as the leader in workforce education becomes a pioneer in hybrid events.

The campaign has generated back everything we put into it, and not only the investment with this team. We believe when all is done, we will do 40 times the investment.”

Lauren Lochtefeld, director of field marketing


Total in-person & On Air opportunity pipelines prospects


Increase in attendance
compared to 2019 event

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