A hospitality brand redefines natural splendor 

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True togetherness is elusive in the remote era, which means retreats and events must be experiential and memorable—just like a hospitality brand.


Having perfected the summer camp experience for any age, Allaway’s parent company was venturing into high-end bespoke events and company retreats. The brand we made together had to connect those two worlds.


From architecture and strategy to creative execution, we built the Allaway brand to be as elevated, seamless and enjoyable as their end-to-end planning and hosting process.


Ideology with authenticity

Once immersed in their culture, we articulated a brand ideology that highlights their commitment to fostering community, and that is expressed in their attention to detail, warmth in interaction and standards of service.

These pillars, values and messaging led us to a name that captured the power of getting people together to connect outside of the day-to-day. It’s an experience that goes well beyond just a getaway—it’s Allaway.


Natural forms that elevate nature

The Allaway logo is designed as a window into nature and represents the growth of community via the unique experiences they create. The three shapes of the tree are a subtle nod to the brand’s core offerings: Retreats, Events and Community.

The brand’s shape language is based on the five natural elements, extending the window concept throughout the brand system—-with diverse applications in advertising, printed collateral, social media and merchandise reminiscent of a memorable time away.



Bringing the great outdoors online

This immersive motif launches their website with a stunning front door moment that whisks visitors into a dynamic experience that flows as smoothly as Allaway’s planning  process, all of it detailed in clear, lively and joyful messaging.

Custom property indicator and iconography capture the elevated amenities and speak to the geography of their venues around the country, from mountains and forests to the desert and lakefront properties.



Our partnership with Allaway continues as Traina builds out their brand family with a parent company, distinctive physical venues and a robust presence for their sustainability efforts. But with a soft launch completed and swift expansion on the horizon, Allaway is already bringing forward-thinking companies in to bring authentic communities out.

We are extremely pleased and impressed with the service we have and continue to receive from the entire Traina team. For Lauren and me, it’s not only the quality of the work being delivered but also the quality of the people. Your team is filled with good people!”

Lauren & Joel Rutkowski

Let’s move things forward.