Moto Sonora

Driven by quality

For years, Tucson natives Jeff and Jeremy DeConcini dreamt of kick-starting a brewery that combined their life-long passions for gritty moto-culture, the desert, and craft beer. In collaboration with master brewer Tomme Arthur, the DeConcini brothers founded Moto Sonora Brewing Co, and Traina was brought in to drive the brand forward.

Primary mark

Alternate marks

Paving the road ahead

The name Moto Sonora, along with flavors Victory or Death, Road of Bones, Belly Tank and White Flag, were all chosen as tribute to the golden age of cross-country road racing, and a call out to the brewery’s home base in the Sonoran Desert. A raw, authentic brand identity was needed to attract dusty travelers, adventure-seekers, and even desk jockeys in search of performance-engineered beer. Through the implementation of warm earth tone colors, we infused the familiarity of the gritty desert landscape into the brand’s livery, while leveraging vintage racing elements across the brand’s multiple touch points.

Racing to the finish line

The brand is already gaining traction in Arizona, and Moto Sonora will soon race onto the local craft beer scene with their first taproom and beer garden. So the next time you’re in Tuscon, make a run for Moto Sonora, and enjoy the sweet taste of ice-cold victory.

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