A rugged visual identity drives a truly unique brew

Brand packaging helps MotoSonora own the culture of desert motocross.



A beer brand is nothing without character—and that character must be unique, genuine and apparent in every touchpoint.


MotoSonora Brewing merges its founders’ passions for motocross culture, craft beer and their Sonora Desert roots. These elements had to come together in a way that was authentic. 


Traina kick-started MotoSonora with a raw yet refined brand identity designed to attract adventure-seekers and weekend warriors alike.

Visual Identity

Craft with character

We began with an earth-tone palette and a classic road-worn script logo, evoking the beauty and grit of the desert landscape.

Our can design has nothing to hide. We let the aluminum shine through, conveying the steely character of competition. A unifying stripe color codes each brew, while ABV percentages—traditionally minimized on alcohol packaging—are worn proudly like a vintage racing number.

A supplementary suite of designs inspired by racing decals further express the brand ethos and prevent logo fatigue.


Moving full throttle

MotoSonora has gained traction throughout Arizona, with its Tucson taproom now a destination for craft lovers and gearheads alike—a fitting home base for this unique player in the craft beer landscape.


Increase in barrels brewed since 2019.


National and international craft beer awards garnered.

Let’s move things forward.