Genetic insights for parents

Picture Genetics provides parents and parents-to-be a new way to screen for common genetic variations associated with serious medical conditions. The at-home test, sold direct-to-consumer, features an easy ordering process, medical-grade results and includes ongoing support from genetic counselors.

Picture partnered with Traina to launch their new product beginning with strategy, naming, a complete visual identity, an e-commerce website and packaging. The goal was to develop a brand that was approachable and accessible to consumers, but also instilled confidence that the samples, tests and results were handled with the highest scientific standards.

Primary mark

Sub brands

Insta-worthy packaging

For Picture, the physical interaction with the product was every bit as important as the digital one. So every element was carefully considered to create an unboxing experience that was elegant and intuitive. A simple color-coded system helps differentiate product lines and create a package that was intelligent, efficient and shareable.

Custom branded photography

To round out the visual identity, we created a custom photo library with a casual yet confident tone. The collection of lifestyle and portrait images help to create a warm and inviting personality for the brand, and a relatable experience for users.


Picture Genetics branding has successfully allowed them to connect with their consumers to provide actionable genetic testing, and Traina continues to work with Picture to brand their next line of genetic testing products.

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