A B2B lab pictures its future as a D2C brand

Building a comprehensive brand for Fulgent Genetics’ first D2C product.



Going direct to consumer means understanding customer desires and building a brand experience around them. This needs expertise across the brand landscape—not just in a particular niche. That’s Traina’s advantage.


Fulgent Genetics wanted to tap into the high margins and growing market interest in direct-to-consumer genetic testing, so they needed a brand that balanced scientific standards with mass-market approachability.


We leveraged our strengths in biotech and mastery of the CPG space to create a warm, approachable brand from end to end—executing market analysis and strategy, naming and identity, along with creating a digital experience and physical packaging.


Out of several potential markets, our research revealed parents and parents-to-be having the most defined need for at-home genetic testing for family planning. But we strategized a brand architecture that could expand easily for future applications.

This informed our naming process, with the name Picture evoking insight into one’s health, but also turning into active tense when paired with products: Picture Parenting, Picture Wellness, Picture Newborn—the name invites a vision of your future.


Our extensive market research uncovered that Picture’s target market of Millennials designed a test as kind and knowledgeable as a primary care provider, with the convenience of an at-home experience.

Bespoke logo

A hybrid sans-serif and script logo combines a warm, handwritten intimacy with a clean and modern style.

Custom photography

The custom photo library we produced defines the warm and inviting personality for the brand and relates an easy experience for digital users.

Insta-worthy packaging

This feeling of welcome carries through to the unboxing experience, with elegant and intuitive packaging that is friendly and shareable.

Customers have praised the brand and the packaging, calling it clean, modern and welcoming.”

Becky Tsai, PhD, product and marketing manager


The Picture brand has given Fulgent Genetics a whole new revenue stream that is infinitely expandable for future product offerings. Traina proudly continues our work with Picture, branding new lines of testing products and framing the future for this next-level laboratory.

Let’s move things forward.