Launching a transit app as a commuting companion

The birth of Umo: naming, messaging and identity takes Cubic Corporation into B2B2C.



The days of interacting with a bland interface are over. Consumers now demand personality from brands and their products, especially when it comes to apps. 


Cubic Corporation is a force in urban transportation, with behind-the-scenes systems running the New York Metro and the London Tube. But their new B2B2C app needed a brand that resonated directly with commuters.


Based on research and competitive analysis, we positioned Umo as the everyday travel buddy, giving it an identity that embodies ease.


Taking the unexpected route

Where most transit apps have the personality of a black-and-white bus schedule, we brought Cubic’s app to life with fun. The quick, clever name serves as a shortcut to “urban mobility” and an allusion to “U move”—its three letters also make up the friendly face of their image mark.

The app’s ease and user-friendliness are also expressed through an expansive visual vocabulary of iconography and joyful photographic treatments.


A true departure

With high functionality complemented by a  cheerful personality, Umo has become Cubic’s standout product, currently used in more than 60 metropolitan areas and leading the logistics giant into the B2B2C space.

Traina was able to articulate everything we wanted to say but couldn’t communicate ourselves.”

Krishna Desai, global marketing manager

Let’s move things forward.