How an electric guitar brand rises above the noise

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Brand strategy
Visual & verbal identity
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Sometimes the best way to differentiate a brand is to simply let it be itself.  


While Taylor Guitars is renowned for the craftsmanship and quality of their acoustic guitars, they have little equity when trying to compete in the saturated world of entrenched electric brands.


Allow master guitar designer and Taylor CEO, Andy Powers, to infuse his unique personality into a novel electric guitar. Then create a brand that celebrates everything about Andy, and his product, that is unconventional. 


Vintage inspired modern technology

Powers Electric isn’t about competing with iconic electric guitar brands, it’s about being a rebellious alternative. A recourse from a more serious look and sound. The brand needed to capture the playful, throwback spirit of its inventor, yet feel as contemporary and capable as anything on the market.


What real imagery sounds like

This guitar has personality. So do those that play it. That needed to come through in the photography. The photo style foregoes slick and saturated, while also avoiding washed out and grunge. We struck a chord – ahem – in the middle showcasing true emotion through natural tones, diffused lighting and just a touch of distortion (of course).

What real imagery sounds like
What real imagery sounds like
What real imagery sounds like
What real imagery sounds like
What real imagery sounds like
What real imagery sounds like


The sound in full color

One of the unique features of the A-type, and there are many, is the seemingly endless variety of colors available, all inspired by the local surf and car culture of Southern California. To help website visitors truly experience the ever-expanding set of colorways, we designed a unique interactive module where users could gracefully swipe from one end to the other, or select a color set from the menu to quickly jump to their preferred color set.

Finely tuned shopping

The product page continues to emphasize the color and fine details, but also encourages further exploration by suggesting similar colorways and allowing users to select color alts and find local dealers.

Musician. Designer. Surfer. Builder.
The A-Type Electric Guitar
What real imagery sounds like
What real imagery sounds like
What real imagery sounds like


Phase 1 of the brand and website have garnered praise from musicians and aficionados alike. Soon, we’ll be expanding the site’s content to include artist partnerships, community engagement and on-site commerce. For now, we’re enjoying some early milestones including the A-type’s first TV appearance with Sheryl Crow’s band on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Let’s move things forward.