How a legacy brand found its digital voice

Multimedia storytelling sets up Taylor Guitars’ digital ecosystem.

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Printed publications have pros and cons—but they are definitely not ideal for conveying sound. A digital experience can do that, but it must add to what audiences already love in a legacy publication.


For years, Taylor Guitars’ Wood&Steel magazine has explored the craftsmanship of their instruments and the artistry that comes out of them. It was time to make that wealth of content work with their website.


Traina developed a digital Wood&Steel experience with three strategic objectives: reach a new generation of players, kickoff a digital-first ecosystem and integrate rich content with the marketing and selling of magnificent guitars.


A digital experience offered a new world of possibility for Wood&Steel, especially new ways to hear and truly feel what a Taylor guitar can do. Traina was brought in to unleash and expand the magazine into the digital space, and we did so with three strategic objectives: reach a new generation of players that will carry the brand into its future, start the brand’s transition to a digital-first ecosystem, and make the content evergreen—more accessible, engaging and directly linked to their business of crafting, marketing and selling magnificent guitars.


Content that resonates

The online Wood&Steel is a virtual storytelling venue where audiences can hear Taylor guitars and view artists’ performances and interviews. Interactive image galleries, hover hotspots and animations keep readers engaged and add depth for guitar aficionados. Years of content blend seamlessly into Taylor product pages, effectively unlocking their investment in storytelling. 

Our thoughtful design retains the look and feel of printed matter, while being easy to administer on the backend for effortless updates and new media integrations.

Audio and video further enriches Taylor’s stories, with interview footage and playlists now embedded within articles—indulging what the next generation of players have come to expect from a digital experience.


A bright future for a classic sound

Wood&Steel was the first project in Taylor’s full digital-first ecosystem, and Traina continues our partnership to this day helping the company produce new product lines that build on the quality and craft behind their brand.

Let’s move things forward.