A streamlined site makes sleep therapy accessible

A new site architecture and interactive elements increase ResMed’s online engagement.



Researching a new diagnosis is overwhelming enough—when it comes to finding the right medical product for a condition, a simplified and approachable user experience is essential.


ResMed’s website was receiving over 200,000 visitors per month, but engagement was low and user feedback revealed a general resistance to sleep apnea therapy. 


We designed a digital experience with intuitive user paths and interactive elements that make ResMed a resource in understanding respiratory health and a gateway for life-changing products.


User-centric from the start

A new site map and simplified information architecture eliminated more than 500 extraneous pages from ResMed’s site, creating a focused user experience made personal with interactive questions.

From there, the journey flows through product pages, customer reviews and immersive videos to guide users to what they need.

Personas inform UX

Where ResMed.com was once an expansive, Amazon-like experience of related products,  we used site analytics to tailor distinct content flows for user personas.

A majority of personas begin by seeking information, so we developed illustrations and interactive tutorials to explain respiratory conditions along with how ResMed’s products work. These additions turn a previously clinical experience into a friendlier, less intimidating way to incorporate respiratory therapy into one’s life.

This work has been extended throughout the brand experience, enhancing additional digital tools, instructional videos and many other user touchpoints.


In the end, our collaborative effort with ResMed applied research, strategy and streamlined design to deliver an engaging user experience for all those seeking to breathe easier.


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Responsive page types


Custom modules


New product pages


Pages removed via streamlined architecture

Let’s move things forward.