Making sleep therapy accessible and acceptable

ResMed provides innovative solutions for people with sleep apnea, COPD and other chronic respiratory conditions. While their current site was receiving over 200,000 visitors per month, engagement was low, and user feedback revealed a general resistance to sleep apnea therapy.

We started with a new site map and simplified information architecture, which enabled a richer, more focused user experience. Unique home pages for each market segment were created to provide intuitive paths to user-specific information. SEO-rich content was embedded in every area, and interactive experiences including online assessments and product locator tools, user-generated product reviews and immersive video galleries were created.

The result, a bold yet welcoming interface that utilizes illustration and animation to soften the brand, engage users, and help reduce anxiety towards sleep apnea therapy.

Design system foundations



Black is used as the primary text color throughout the site. On top-level pages, brands colors are introduced to highlight key messages.


Motion patterns

Custom interactive modules


A seamless and intuitive user experience

We started by looking closely at site analytics. In addition, interactive user testing was done. Based on the findings, we created an intuitive site architecture and interactive landing page feature to allow every user to find the content they are looking for, driving deeper customer engagement.

Interactive experiences to build engagement

ResMed not only helps patients by offering premium products but also by providing with quality information and tools to help guide their decisions. With that in mind, we worked with the ResMed team to make these experiences friendlier, intuitive and most importantly, stress-free.

Custom equipment tutorial experience

Sleep assessment tool

A new custom illustration library

A friendly illustration style was created to help present sleep apnea and other respiratory therapies as less intimidating, with subtle animations adding a layer of sophistication to the pages. The new illustration style has since been extended for use in additional digital tools, instructional videos and other brand touch points.

Mobile first design


Through a collaborative effort with the internal web team at ResMed that included research, user testing and an agile workflow, we were able to achieve their goal of a more streamlined, more functional and more engaging user experience for

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