The evolution of a legacy healthcare brand

Display of a large UCSD Health banner hanging from the side of a concrete structure

Services PROVIDED:

Visual identity
Brand Activation


As UC San Diego Health sought to expand their geographical footprint and shift their focus from specialty to primary care, refreshing the brand became essential to attract a younger audience in a highly competitive category.


Appealing to new audiences often requires a delicate balance between preserving a brand’s roots and modernizing its identity for relevance in an evolving market. 


Bring thoughtful evolution—not revolution—to the brand, infusing a distinctiveness that would allow UC San Diego Health to stand out in a homogenous landscape. 


Prescribing modernity and methodology

UC San Diego Health boasted a longstanding, local presence and strong reputation for providing quality healthcare. The essence of a great brand was already intact. Traina led the way in translating that essence into an expanded, modern identity. Then set about developing prescriptive guidelines and templates to instill a uniformity that the brand had previously lacked.

The view of the UCSD Health building


Diagnosing opportunities for distinction

UC San Diego Health’s existing brand toolkit was somewhat limited and therefore difficult to implement for their brand and marketing teams. An audit of local competitors revealed the use of similar color palettes and generic imagery to convey mostly transactional messaging. Without changing the core tenets of the UC San Diego Health brand, we expanded the color palette, created a more friendly typographic approach and established a new, more emotive photography style to set them apart from the competition and connect on a more personal level with their audiences.

A grid of UCSD Health color pallet
Display of Neue Hass Gotesk font
View of Playfair Display Italic font
Medical professional in a hospital setting
Two women holding a baby and smiling
A split view of a happy office worker on the left, with two men talking in a lab on the right
Photo of a doctor performing surgery
A doctor doing a checkup on a baby
A smiling doctor does an ultrasound on a pregnant woman
A nurse walking through a hallway smiling

Brand Application

Connecting the brand with the community

Once the website was complete, the new brand was introduced to both internal and external audiences.

Internally, we delivered a new set of guidelines that included a series of templates for both internal and external marketing teams. The templates were designed to allow enough flexibility for their multiple audiences and uses, while retaining tight formatting for brand consistency.

Externally we collaborated with the client’s creative team to develop a series of print and OOH ads that carried existing messaging, but delivered with the warmth and heart of the new UC San Diego Health brand.

Transit advertising display on a light rail train
UCSD Health billboard advertisement
UCSD Health billboard showing a partnership with the San Diego Padres, as well as a bus advertisement.
UCSD Health print material example
UCSD Health magazine print design
Multiple views of UCSD Health website design
UCSD Health airport billboard design

Digital Activation

Performing a head-to-toe digital transformation

The move to a primary care provider necessitated an update to their website, to accommodate the expanded content and increased traffic. We designed a completely reimagined digital experience that expressed the new brand, yet emphasized user experience, accessibility and conversion. A design system was constructed for maximum flexibility and expansion, helping their internal team easily port over hundreds of pages of legacy content as well as create new pages and respond to changing content needs

UCSD Health website screenshots of full page designs

Let’s move things forward.