A new brand makes waves in a promising industry.

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Brand strategy
Visual & verbal identity
Marketing Assets
Website/UI design


A brand built upon simplicity and clarity often stands above the rest.


The concept of carbon removal to improve our climate is misunderstood, contentious, and still vying for credibility. That posed formidable communication challenges for carbon removal pioneer Captura.


Crystallize Captura’s positioning, messaging and visual identity to effortlessly convey its message with certainty and authority.


Capturing the essence of a brand and its mission

Captura was at an inflection point. Having honed its unique Direct Ocean Capture technology, the company was transitioning from early stage startup to proven leader in harnessing the power of the ocean to improve the earth’s atmosphere. Led by Traina, a clear, comprehensive strategic foundation the company could rally around was developed–from its mission, vision and values to external messages for all key audiences.



Creating a visual system that’s a true force of nature

A confident, simple wordmark anchors Captura’s nature-inspired visual identity. The logo features tapered letters as a subtle nod to ocean waves. A bright color palette inspired by the natural world exudes energy and vibrancy. Flexible, monoline artwork adds a technical feel to the brand, while serving as both iconography and as large-scale graphic elements within the system.


brand applications

Embedding aspiration into every touchpoint

The brand conveys optimism and confidence through positive, concise messages. Clean, uncluttered layouts allow the copy to make an impact. Imagery is an intentional blend of nature, lifestyle and technology to further underscore Captura’s story.


Less is more

Elements are applied with deliberate restraint giving the brand a quiet confidence. Monoline artwork provides cohesion while its circular shapes suggest water ripples and the geometry of other natural elements.




Elevating the brand’s most important messages

A new website showcases all elements of the identity system while bringing intentional pacing and hierarchy to Captura’s storytelling.



A collaborative atmosphere

Imagery and copy throughout the site apply the welcoming and accessible persona of a brand seeking valuable partnerships.



Respecting the power of public sentiment

When it comes to climate concerns, the line between B-to-B and B-to-C falls away. We’re all invested. This meant providing Captura with the tools to join–and lead–the conversation.


All Aboard

A brand with sea legs

The new Captura identity shines in all things marcom, but it’s also making an impact at the source of innovation. From ocean vessel equipment to branded life vests, the company is demonstrating in real time the power of presence and brand consistency.



Traina’s ability to very quickly come up to speed and understand the complex and technical aspects of our solution and industry really impressed me.

Tara Bojdak
Director of Communication

Let’s move things forward.