Designing the difference in a cutting-edge biotech brand

Startup company Deepcell goes abstract to make an impact.

Services PROVIDED:

Brand strategy
Visual & verbal identity
Brand Guidelines
Website/UI design
Social Media Templates


Sometimes one word can be the key to unlock a brand’s freedom to be unique. In this case, “avant-garde” was the north star for a biotech identity as artistic as it is innovative.


Deepcell is introducing an entirely new way to analyze cells—not just a new product, but a new way of thinking. Their brand needed to convey a total paradigm shift.


The Deepcell brand is a stark departure from the competition’s sea of sameness, with a design system that uses visual abstraction to create a unified yet dynamic brand experience.


Inclusive ideology

Deepcell began with a desire to expand cell morphology into a brand new field of morpholomics. At Traina, we began by translating the passion of Deepcell stakeholders into an ideology that spoke to the innovative thinking and techniques they bring to the industry.

The company’s values, positioning, pillars and personality were crafted with a theme of service to scientists—helping them make discoveries quicker and more frequently than ever before. Deepcell is not just about tools or tech, but the impact of its customers.

Photography and video by DCA, San Francisco

Brand Elements

Deepening the brand

Innovation and collaboration are the heart of Deepcell, and now the heart of their brand. Their logo and wordmark have a technical feel that is now balanced by bold new colors that bring energy and vitality to the visual identity.

Deepcell animation
Deepening the brand


design system

Gradient versatility

The Deepcell design system sings with a signature gradient effect referencing their in-depth cell imagery. The system is infinitely expandable via custom crafted shapes that can be zoomed into and cropped to complement any number of layouts, text treatments or display media. Beyond the free-form usage, we created a set of four core brand expressions, each imparting different qualities via distinct crop treatments and repetition techniques.


Iconography was designed for distinction with an isometric orientation that roots the icon library in a consistent perspective and unifies it with pops of branded purple and green color.

Digital Design

Bringing depth to digital

All these brand elements come together in Deepcell’s digital experience, where the system provides cohesive sophistication across social platforms, media channels, and all throughout the web experience we designed and developed for their launch.


Instant influence

The new brand powered Deepcell’s debut with a custom-built website and trade show presence at CYTO 2023 in Montreal. They reported a glowing reception and were able to enter the industry with a mature and confident brand that continues to set them apart from the start.

Let’s move things forward.