Communicating a brand with confidence

How we elevated the executive consultancy Decker with its own principles of communication.

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Sometimes a business has profound answers inside itself—it just takes a strategic creative partner to channel them into a brand. 


Decker is an elite communications consultancy that helps busy professionals become better communicators, yet their brand wasn’t conveying the scale and sophistication of their services. 


Traina put our leadership team through Decker’s executive program, and by understanding their process firsthand, we created an authentic brand built on Decker’s own core principles of communication.


About that period.

Effective communication is all about confidence. “I often say we bring out the “backyard barbecue” side of executives,” says Co-CEO Ben Decker, “because there’s no nerves in a backyard. We’re simply ourselves—authentic and confident, telling stories and connecting with those around us.”

Confidence was identified as a brand pillar in our strategy process, which then informed the visual identity. Creative teams captured this quality with the period—a simple, declarative mark that says firmly: This is who we are. This is what we do.

The period was then folded back into the brand’s messaging, illustrating the synergy of Traina and how creativity flows freely between our teams.


Detail benefits, focus audience

How is confidence conveyed in a website? With a clear and direct focus.

Too often websites present a gamut of services upfront, hoping prospective clients will see the one they want. But this “everything for everyone” approach is antithetical to Decker’s main principle of influential storytelling—leading a narrative by detailing what’s in it for your audience. 

Decker’s new site begins with clear messaging focused on what clients stand to gain, which flows naturally into the services that deliver those benefits.

Brand photography

Traina curated a library of photos that capture the energy and sophistication of the Decker brand, color-grading selects to align with the brand palette for a cohesive image system.

Content Structure

Convert with clarity.

Traina further restructured and organized Decker’s offerings for clarity and ease. A straightforward calendar framework presents details of courses at a glance, giving viewers all of what they need and none of what they don’t. Or to quote another Decker maxim: “Be quick. Be clear. Be gone.”


With that, what else can be said? Only results: Decker reports double the website engagement and a marked increase in qualified leads. That’s what happens when sound communication meets strategy and design, and clear message is delivered with confidence. Period. 


We love our new brand and website, inbound leads have doubled and now come in at a more qualified level than ever before.”

Scott Bender, Chief Operations Officer

Let’s move things forward.