Expanding the market for high-performance health

Brand identity brings Legion supplements beyond the gym bros.



A health brand based on purity must cut through the hype and be real in every way: from what you see to what you taste and how it makes you feel.


Legion’s original aggro-branding was the standard for supplements full of dubious promises and questionable ingredients. But their products leveraged quality over claims.


We rebranded Legion to showcase pure ingredients and broaden their appeal beyond hardcore bodybuilders. A robust design system creates a direct-to-consumer health brand that is different at first sight.


Widening the supplementation market

The reimagined Legion uses lowercase logo type and enticing visuals to create a brand that can break through to the mass market—less hardcore, more healthwise.

Legion’s 40 SKUs spanned protein powder, energy bars, vitamins and workout drinks, all needing a brand system that emphasized nutrition over hype. Traina leveraged Legion’s “L” as the key to real ingredients—uniting the brand with a suite of CGI assets that showcase real flavor throughout their products.

Real quality you can see and feel

Why go CGI when stock imagery would suffice? Legion’s focus on quality ingredients called for visuals that had to be as real as they could get. Such a sweeping visual system of vibrant, 3-D rendered images is rare in their category, but necessary to highlight Legion’s great taste, diverse flavors, and premium quality—in addition to reflecting their honest, science-based brand personality and values.

And for a brand where purity and authenticity is your edge, realness must come through on every side: from what you see, to what you taste and how it makes you feel.


Making gains

The outcome speaks for itself: Legion quickly realized a surge in new and repeat customers alike. All told, the new position, tone, and packaging opened up entirely new markets to this once-niche brand.


YTD year-over-year increase in revenue


Increase in new customers


Discerning customers have chosen Legion

Let’s move things forward.