Launching a new brand and creating a category.

How we merged three innovative companies into one global pioneer in precision health: Velsera


The project was as swift as it was large: branding a merger of three leading companies across healthcare and biopharma to fully realize the promise of precision medicine. With a debut at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference just two months away, and the company being something never seen before, that something needed everything—a name, brand strategy and position, visual identity, microsite and a flagship brand video.


Becoming a precision engine

Velsera’s brand strategy needed to articulate what the three businesses could promise as a collective, but also position the business for expansion. The three constituent companies were industry leaders already doing real work for their clients, but the new brand had to find a sweet spot of claimable value today and potential for tomorrow.

From this came the idea of an engine, an analogy for how Velsera connects and moves data throughout an innovation ecosystem.

Seamless Connection

Shared Intelligence

Collaboration / Partnership




Branding an emerging business.

The new company centered on a core concept—powering a continuous flow of information between clinical care and life science research.

We saw 3-D imagery as the ideal expression of this concept, a visual embodiment of the cyclic innovation that drove the company.


What a name reveals

To stand out from the expected, straightforward nature of most healthcare brands required an inventive company name. As hundreds of explorations narrowed into a concise shortlist, the match was ultimately made in Velsera, an anagram of “reveals,” alluding to the breakthroughs this new company could create at scale.

Within the central “S” our creative team saw the opportunity to embed the value loop visually at the heart of the identity. Sleek typography further sets the brand apart, bookended with inverse angles, which also convey the company in an abbreviated image mark. 

In all aspects of the Velsera brand, a unique aesthetic balance and creative tension is at work —blending the ultra-modern identity of fluid 3-D motion with the stability of refined type styles, color blocking and cinematic photo treatments.

Revealing insights

Our creative team used the concept of “reveal” for a filter treatment in brand photography, an element that illustrates how the complex gets brought into focus, and emphasizes the company’s end goal of improving patient outcomes—the human side of the Velsera’s aim to transform precision health.


Velsera had a stellar debut at J.P. Morgan, with a successful launch party and floor presence, and Traina on hand to prepare additional materials for a last-minute CEO keynote. The brand continues to generate buzz in the industry and the messaging we created has been key in rallying employees from all three companies to see themselves as one precision engine. Traina looks forward to keeping Velsera moving, with a full website on the horizon and further evolution of a brand that was made to adapt and transform—a true visionary company changing the healthcare industry.

Let’s move things forward.