The birth of a new name, a new brand, and a new category

Traina turns a corporate merger into a global pioneer in precision health: Velsera.

Services PROVIDED:

Brand strategy
Visual & verbal identity
Brand Guidelines
Marketing Assets
Website/UI design
Social Media Templates


Branding a merger bears several duties: unite converging teams, assure current customers of continued service, and sell the potential of the new venture.


Three leading companies from healthcare and biopharma were uniting to close the loop in precision medicine, and their debut at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference was two months away. Time was of the essence, and branding began even as the business itself was being finalized.


Traina devised a sharp strategy and stunning brand system to unify internal teams and stand out as a market disruptor. Innovation is manifest throughout the brand: in name, brand story and position, visual and verbal identity, a microsite and promotional video.


Becoming a precision engine

Velsera needed to articulate what the three businesses could promise as a collective and also position the business for expansion. In developing a strategy, Traina had to find the sweet spot of claimable value today and potential for tomorrow.

From this came the concept of an engine, an analogy for how Velsera moves data between healthcare and research to power precision insights and generate momentum for discovery.

Seamless Connection

Shared Intelligence

Collaboration / Partnership




Branding an emerging business.

The continuous flow of information inspired use of 3-D imagery to express this cycle—an image system that could change and morph as the company further evolved its category.


What a name reveals

A unique visual aesthetic required an equally inventive name. Velsera, an anagram of “reveals,” alludes to the breakthroughs the company can create at scale.

Our creative teams embedded the company’s core value loop into the central “S”, the symbolic heart of the identity. 

Distinctive typography employs bookends of inverse angles, which represent Velsera in an abbreviated image mark. 

Aesthetic balance and creative tension plays throughout the brand—blending fluid 3-D motion with the stability of refined type, color blocking and cinematic photo treatments.


A buzzworthy brand launch

Velsera’s debut at J.P. Morgan included a premium launch party, floor presence and Traina on hand to prepare additional materials for a last-minute CEO keynote. 

The brand continues to create buzz well after launch, and our messaging has been key in rallying employees together as a single precision engine. 

Traina continues to keep Velsera moving, with a full website in production and further evolution of a brand designed to elevate an industry.

Let’s move things forward.