Jan 19/18
By Jes Lawrence

Shifting perceptions with animation

When we were approached about an exciting opportunity to partner with Microsoft Real Estate & Facilities, a new group for us, we jumped on it. They had seen the animated series we created sharing stories of the digital transformation at Microsoft and needed our help with a video communicating why Microsoft was shifting from individual offices to a team-based workspace.

The onboarding for this project was fun – to start, we learned that the Real Estate & Facilities division is responsible for the employee experience from the moment they leave their house in the morning until they return after their work day – from shuttles and connector buses, to design and construction of workspaces, to art collections and bringing tech into the workplace. They even take special care to marry their brand and the distinct local culture in their offices around the world. Cool, right?

After we had learned as much as we could about the division and their efforts, our client partner gave us a tour of a new Microsoft building so we gained a first-hand understanding of what the team-based space looks like and the amenities these new buildings offer employees.

Armed with the background we needed, we set out to communicate why Microsoft is moving toward team-based work spaces and how this has been proven to benefit the organization, employee AND customer through testing and research. We aimed to create a video that was entertaining and engaging, but had enough hard-hitting information to shift the perception of our engineering friends. Check it out!

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