Jun 08/18
By Joe Ross

Go Offsite

The Media Partnerships Global Offsite is an annual event hosted by Facebook at their Menlo Park campus and pulls in team members from all over the globe to join together for an entertaining and educational conference. Traina was tasked with coming up with a fresh identity for this event and then demonstrate its application across several deliverables ranging from posters to swag.

Media Partnerships Global Offsite

As the event name was quite lengthy, our first recommendation was to reduce it to a quippy four-letter acronym for ease of pronunciation. This acronym then lent itself to be used as the foundation for a succinct graphic treatment, which became the cornerstone for the brand.

Pulling it together

MPGO covers a wide range of topics and hosts an equally wide range of exciting activities, we wanted to convey this dynamic assortment within the identity. We decided to use simple iconography and illustrative elements, segmented throughout the (now iconic) letterforms of the acronym. These contribute to telling the story of the upcoming schedule and capture a sense of energy and enthusiasm.

Done and done

All told, the event was a smash success and we are very pleased to have been a part of the process. We’re looking forward to seeing the identity continue to evolve and (MP)GO-further at future events.

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